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Podcast – Aircraft Mechanics liability and the consequences!

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Podcast – Aircraft Mechanics liability and the consequences!

IFA Comment:  An interesting reminder on the importance of being responsible for your own work and actions.

by Bryan ‘Wheelz’ – The Good the Bad and the Ugly: The Aviation Maintenance Industry Raw!

In his first podcast of 2022 Bryan ‘Wheelz’ gives his own opinions on the impacts of how the law considers liability and consequences for aircraft mechanics.  During the past year he has spoken with three aviation lawyers and taking that information and knowledge talks about the impacts of human factors, due diligence and speaking up when something is wrong and what can happen when you don’t.


Click here to link to the Podcast

3 Responses
  1. Bryan ‘Wheelz’ here, I am positively flattered to be mentioned by such a prestigious and fantastic organization! Truly an honor to be mentioned by your fine group!

    It is so important to remember that ‘turning a wrench’ is more than , “jobs done, move on to the next one”

    In the end its about safety. Safety of the aircraft and the flying public.

    Yet aircraft mechanics do not always think about the consequences if something were to go sideways. We hold such a great responsibility in the maintenance of the aircraft that goes beyond “Jobs done, next!” We need to remember that everything we worked so hard for could be taken if we do not hold ourselves accountable for the work we perform.

    Thank you again for the mention!

  2. M

    Wow I just saw this on wheelz twitter the other day! I have been in the industry 20 plus years and haven’t heard someone talk reality the way this guy does for at least that long. He really sticks up for aircraft mechanics and holds managers accountable for the idiot things they try to pull . Commercial airlines are falling apart at the seams and this podcast deserves more recognition for what he’s doing . It’s great you folks have him a shout out

  3. Appreciate the shout out IFA! Your guys are the best! Its important that we mechs think about this type of stuff from time to time! Take care and be safe! ~Bryan ‘Wheelz’

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