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RYSE Aero Technologies’ eVTOL completes first manned flight

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RYSE Aero Technologies’ eVTOL completes first manned flight

IFA Comment: IFA welcomes the revolution that is taking place in aviation. We must raise a flag for the fundamental of flying. These have not changed since the Wright Brothers first took to the air. Airworthiness matters. Take to the air in an unsafe machine and the risks are not only to the pilot but to everyone on the ground. If new ways have to be found to assure design and build safety let’s work together to find them and make them work in the real world.

by Eric Brothers, August 31 2022 Aerospace Manufacturing & Design

RYSE Aero Technologies, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) company, succeeded in manned flight for their first offering, an all-electric ultralight vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, the RYSE RECON. The successful launch of multiple test flights began on June 27, 2022, in Cincinnati, Ohio. View the RYSE RECON’s successful first, manned flight video here.

The test flights exceeded expectations, resulting in the successful testing of the ultralight eVTOL flight control systems and saw the RECON complete a takeoff, controlled hover, forward flight, pivot turn maneuvers, and a safe, smooth landing, performing optimally in a stable flight envelope.

“Today’s test flights were a monumental step forward in accomplishing our mission, which is to provide an accessible aircraft to people with a purpose and make flight accessible to all,” said Mick Kowitz, CEO of RYSE Aero Tech. “We proved today that this vehicle is reliable, stable, and enjoyable, but most importantly, it’s safe.”

As an ultralight eVTOL aircraft, the RECON sets itself apart from competitors as it requires no pilot’s license to operate, making it accessible to all. Piloted by Erik Stephansen, RYSE Aero Technologies’ Director of Regulatory Affairs and Aeronautics, the RECON’s inaugural flight marked a significant milestone in the company’s goal to expand aerial mobility to those living in rural areas and on large private lands.

“This is an amazing accomplishment for our entire team at RYSE Aero Tech,” Stephansen said. “It was effortless and very enjoyable to fly. I was thrilled at how I could literally hover, take my hands off the controls and the RECON sat there stable and safe.”

Slated to be delivered to customers in early Q2 2023 key features of the RYSE RECON include:

• Up to 25 miles range

• Up to 63mph top speed per Part 103 specifications

• Ability to operate on land and water

• Ability to be easily mass-produced, while maintaining low-cost maintenance

• Operation within the specifications of 14 CFR, Part 103

• Six independent propulsion systems with independent, removable, rechargeable batteries

• Rugged structure making it easier to access, agriculture, ranching, vineyard areas, and any place otherwise difficult to reach

With each additional flight test, RYSE expects to incrementally ramp up the RECON’s capabilities and limits. RYSE Aero Technologies will be exhibiting the RECON at the 2022 Farm Progress Show from Aug. 30 – Sept. 1.

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