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The purpose of the CAA’s Vector magazine is safety education. We aim to give good advice, in a manner that is easily understood.

Vector focuses on current safety problems identified by aviation participants and incident reporting. It’s published at the beginning of every season.

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Winter 2022 Page 8 – Duplicate Inspections

Some recent occurrence illustrate the vital importance of carrying out a thorough duplicate inspection.

At the very start of the post-maintenance check run, the rotary pilot experienced an uncommanded yaw, the aircraft spinning to the left. The spin was arrested when the fuel was cut off to the engine. Fortunately, the aircraft had barely become light on the skids.

Within minutes, in what the chief pilot calls “quite a moment”, it was discovered the tail rotor push-pull tube forward attachment bolt had not been fitted correctly. (For non-engineers: the tail rotor flight control had not been reinstalled properly.)

When the bolt was installed, it didn’t go through the control tube rod end, before the nut was secured. It was only the clamping force on the bellcrank that secured the rod end in place. This was what led to the loss of tail rotor authority during the check run.

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