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EUROCAE WG-63 Sets New Benchmarks in Aviation Safety with Publication of ED-79B and ED-135 Guidelines

Home Articles EUROCAE WG-63 Sets New Benchmarks in Aviation Safety with Publication of ED-79B and ED-135 Guidelines

EUROCAE WG-63 Sets New Benchmarks in Aviation Safety with Publication of ED-79B and ED-135 Guidelines

EUROCAE, the European leader in the development of worldwide recognised industry standards for aviation, proudly announces the release of two groundbreaking documents, ED-79B “Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems” and ED-135 “Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment”. Developed jointly by EUROCAE Working Group 63 “Complex Aircraft Systems” and SAE S-18 “Aircraft and Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee”, these documents represent a significant leap forward in aviation safety practices and standards.

ED-79B, the guideline for civil aircraft and systems development, stands as a testament to the collective expertise and industry insights gathered from diverse stakeholders. This revised document incorporates known errata and industry-specific comments, ensuring alignment with the latest industry advancements and state-of-the-art practices. It outlines the best practices necessary for the development of modern aircraft and their integrated systems, emphasizing design discipline and systematic development to ensure safety and operational requirements are met.

Complementing ED-79B, ED-135 provides comprehensive guidelines for conducting safety assessments of civil aircraft, systems, and equipment. This document not only aids in compliance with certification requirements but also serves as a valuable resource for internal safety assessment standards within companies. It delineates a systematic safety assessment process applicable to both new and existing designs affected by changes in design or operations, emphasizing the significance of safety in aviation systems.

Christopher Lacey, Safety Enhancement Engineer at Airbus and Chair of WG-63, expressed his pride in presenting these pivotal documents. “Publication of these documents has only been possible thanks to the immense professional dedication and engagement from our committee members, past and present”, remarked Christopher. “I’m sure the processes and practices described in these documents will be of the utmost importance to the aviation industry”.

Julien Chaou, Senior Expert Product Safety & Support at Liebherr and Co-Chair of WG-63, said: “I am pleased to announce the culmination of a decade-long effort with the publication of two significant aerospace standards. These documents reflect a dedicated commitment to global safety standards, fostering innovation and promoting equitable competition within the aerospace industry”.

The publication of these standards represents the culmination of a robust collaboration between SAE International and EUROCAE, showcasing their enduring partnership focused on crafting standards that bolster global interoperability and enhance aviation solutions. Notably, approximately 10% of EUROCAE’s current published standards and ongoing developmental endeavors stem from this fruitful joint effort with SAE International.

The release of ED-79B and ED-135 underlines EUROCAE’s commitment to advancing aviation safety through cutting-edge standards and guidelines. This achievement underscores the diligent work of WG-63 and represents a meaningful progression for the entire aerospace community.

Read the full guidelines via the link above.


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