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Engineering Kids’ Future

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Engineering Kids’ Future

IFA Comment: IFA supports the early development of engineering talent. Government’s need to address this issue when developing policies for education.  

Repeatedly acknowledged by all recent UK Governments, STEM subjects are of vital importance to the UK. 

They are key in delivering on the Government’s ambitions, for a high-skill, high-wage economy, levelling up, facilitating a green industrial revolution, and reinforcing the UK’s position as a science and technology superpower.

The IET wrote an open letter to the UK Government in November 2021 to start work addressing this skills gap. It won’t happen overnight; developing a robust pipeline of engineering talent needs to start with future generations – which is why they’re campaigning for engineering to be integrated into early education.

They held a series of roundtables with experts from industry, academia, education, Government, and STEM providers, from across the UK throughout 2022, and the report summarises our key findings and recommendations.

Engineering Kid’s Futures Report

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