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ATSB Report on Undetected engine thrust reverser deactivation

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The ATSB is highlighting the importance of following procedures after a lockout pin was not removed after maintenance, which resulted in an Airbus A320’s left engine thrust reverser not activating when selected on landing.

Thrust reverser lockout pin and warning flag (non-reflective). Source: Operator, annotated by the ATSB

The Airbus A320 had undergone overnight maintenance in Adelaide before departing for Gold Coast Airport, on the morning of 18 December 2017, operating as a scheduled passenger flight. After a normal descent and touchdown, the captain selected both engine thrust reversers. The left reverser, however, did not activate. The aircraft decelerated using normal braking, and taxied to the gate without further incident.

n response to this incident, the aircraft’s maintenance organisation is taking a number of safety actions including highlighting the importance of the aircraft maintenance manual precautions to maintenance staff at Adelaide. All thrust reverser lockout pin warning flags are being lengthened to hang past the closed engine cowls, while pins will also have a warning notice attached for placement on the engine thrust reverser controls during maintenance.

Separately, Airbus has advised it has introduced an operational test of the thrust reverser system to confirm re‑activation after maintenance as part of the latest revision to the aircraft maintenance manual.

Click here to read ATSB News article in full

Click here to read ATSB report AQ-2017-117


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