International Federation of Airworthiness. Promoting AirworthinessInternationalImpartial
International Federation of Airworthiness. Promoting AirworthinessInternationalImpartial

Airworthiness for Human Factors

Airworthiness professionals keep aircraft flying safe. They are highly skilled individuals who are meticulous in their work. Even in the best of working environments the Human Factor (HF) comes into play. We all make errors and can get fatigued. To stay safe, we must know how HF affects safety performance in aviation.

In design, production, and maintenance that means understanding the causes and consequences of occurrences, so they do not become accidents and serious incidents. IFA is looking at the body of knowledge on HF and the latest developments of this subject.

Boeing Innovation Quarterly – Folding Wingtip Control

Link to latest issue of Boeing's Innovation Quarterly - we highlight one of 777x flight deck latest updates, Folding Wingtip Control
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CASA – Safety Behaviours: Human Factors for engineers Kit

CASA resource for Engineers examining factors & issues affecting human performance in the hangar.
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Flight Safety Detectives Episode 148: Troy Gentry Crash caused by Maintenance Error

Review of NTSB report. Accident shows continued lack of defining corrective actions for maintenance personnel.
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Why the Human Factors of Aviation Maintenance Matter

Article tells you about the 'Dirty Dozen' and why each of them is important.
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FAA: Using Accidents & Events for Safety

Link to FAA TV to view short films on using HF concepts to prevent accidents caused by human error.
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Development of a strategy to enhance Human-centred design for maintenance.

RAeS HF: Engineering Sub-Group Report considers the experience of maintenance errors in aviation
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14 January 2023

RAeS Better by Design- Designing Out Maintenance Error

RAeS Human Factors Specialist Group Conference:  Better by Design – Designing Out Maintenance Error Traditionally there has been an unrealistic design assumption that maintenance engineers will get things right 100% of the time: there is no recognition of, and therefore allowance for, potential errors. Experience shows that, despite the good work that has been done...
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Human Factors Consideration in Aircraft and System Functional Hazard Assessments

Links and document to view to a Notification of an EASA proposal to issue a certification memorandum.
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Human Factors – CAA UK Action Plan

Refreshed action plan is a supplement to CAA’s Strategy for HF in Civil Aviation.
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