International Federation of Airworthiness. Promoting AirworthinessInternationalImpartial
International Federation of Airworthiness. Promoting AirworthinessInternationalImpartial

Airworthiness for Human Factors

Airworthiness professionals keep aircraft flying safe. They are highly skilled individuals who are meticulous in their work. Even in the best of working environments the Human Factor (HF) comes into play. We all make errors and can get fatigued. To stay safe, we must know how HF affects safety performance in aviation.

In design, production, and maintenance that means understanding the causes and consequences of occurrences, so they do not become accidents and serious incidents. IFA is looking at the body of knowledge on HF and the latest developments of this subject.

The ABCDs of Aircraft Maintenance

The ABCDs of Aircraft Maintenance By Bhavya Velani Take a look at Bhavya Velani’s explanation on the ABCDs of Aircraft Maintenance. Bhavya is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Graduate and aviation enthusiast with more than 4 years experience in running a successful aviation start-up. Explained: The ABCDs of Aircraft Maintenance – Airways (
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Pilot regrets decision not to replace muffler

Open narrative written by pilot detailing HF issue. (IFA Comment)
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Canadian CH-149 Cormorant Crash

Report on crash which stemmed from seat in 'false lock position' (IFA Comment)
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Human Factors: Sometimes it’s the little things

Good review and analysis of Piper PA-31P accident caused by incorrectly installed flight controls.
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Small Hardware Causes Big Aviation Safety Problems

Link to podcast highlighting 4 accidents caused in part by improperly tightened b-nuts.
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Nut loosened overtime before R44 drive belt tensioning motor failed during flight

ATSB report reminds R44 maintainers to be aware of risks posed by failure of this component.
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The cost-benefit of human factors

Consideration of different methods in engaging senior management and stakeholders to invest in safety. (IFA Comment)
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EASA Plans Maintenance Human Factors Projects

Info on several new HF initiatives included in EASA latest Europe Safety Road map.
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