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AerinX and VD Gulf to implement innovative aircraft maintenance technology

Home Articles AerinX and VD Gulf to implement innovative aircraft maintenance technology

AerinX and VD Gulf to implement innovative aircraft maintenance technology

IFA Comment: Mixed reality would seem to be quite a leap for those of us who were trained in the 70s and 80s. But, there’s no doubt that this is the direction industry will take to move away from paper based working. 

AerinX in cooperation with VD Gulf, a independent MRO company in the Middle East region, will apply mixed reality-based system following a successful pilot.

The total size of the market of high-tech digital MRO solutions is projected to grow from USD 606 million in 2020 to USD 1,809 million by 2030 meaning an average annual growth rate of 11% according to experts. AerinX is aiming to be a major player in this fast-developing segment. As an important milestone, the innovative company has agreed on a partnership to implement its mixed reality-based aircraft maintenance solution with Sharjah-based VD Gulf, with the base maintenance facility at Sharjah International Airport.

The economic difficulties experienced by the aviation sector induced by COVID-19 urge MRO companies to introduce digital solutions which enhance efficiency and productivity. For companies that can provide their partners with more efficient and more state-of-the-art services, can achieve considerable competitive advantage after the large-scale global relaunch of passenger air traffic.

The first product of AerinX is a mixed reality (MR) based software which makes external surface inspections on aircraft faster, simpler, more precise, and better-documented. The ground-breaking technology helps maintenance engineers identify damages precisely and accurately and reduces maintenance downtime and costs for the customer. The high-tech system project frames, stringers, and previous damages on the aircraft with advanced computer vision. Moreover, it automatically registers newly discovered damages and determines their exact location. The AerinX software also facilitates damage assessment with a preloaded manufacturer SRM database.

A significant milestone of the international market launch of the high-tech product was the successful pilot project conducted in Dubai, within the frameworks of which VD Gulf tested the AerinX system under real-life industry circumstances. Both parties were satisfied with the Early Adopter Programme, and as a result they decided to continue their partnership with a new agreement to implement the innovative solution at the Sharjah-based MRO fully.

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